Dermatology Disorders

The treatment of skin disorders is a specialized system in Chinese medicine, much as it is a specialty in Western medicine, and there are many herbs and classical formulas that are specific to dermatology only.  Chinese herbal medicine has well researched effects showing a significant decrease in chronic inflammation, the root of so many skin issues.  Along with dietary advise, herbs can be very effective in addressing the deep root of chronic and acute skin conditions, and can often provide an alternative to steroid creams and other conventional topical treatments that typically carry unwanted side effects.

Traditional Chinese medicine treats skin disorders beginning with a detailed analysis of a patient’s signs and symptoms, tongue and pulse assessment, in order to develop an energetic diagnostic picture of the individual pattern of imbalance.  Herbs are tailored specifically to this individual pattern, along with herbs that are well know for decreasing inflammation in the skin, in order to effectively treat the problem, whether acute or chronic.

Chinese herbal medicine has been historically shown to be clinically effective in a wide range of skin disorders including:

Lichen simplex
Fungal and yeast infections
Bacterial eruptions
Herpes simplex
Other allergic skin responses