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Supporting Fertility with Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive Course

April 21 – Jun 23.  CEUs: 28.0  (ABORM and NCCAOM pending)

Clinically oriented, this course, held over 4 Saturdays, is tailored for the practicing acupuncturist-herbalist or advanced student of Chinese medicine who is seeking to develop and deepen their understanding and ability to provide effective care for male and female fertility patients.

Some topics included in the course include:

➢ TCM approach to basal body temperature assessment and regulation
➢ Regulating the menstrual cycle and treating by the 4 cycle phases
➢ Egg quality issues, premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve
➢ Disorders of ovulation, PCOS, blocked tubes, endometriosis
➢ Implantation problems, threatened miscarriage, habitual miscarriage, post or incomplete miscarriage
➢ Male fertility, sperm analysis and function tests and treatment
➢ Procedures, medications, and treating in conjunction with IVF, IUI, genetic testing
➢ Preconception care, endocrine disruptors, environmental and nutritional concerns
➢ Relevant Western and Western-TCM fertility research


Comprehensive Chinese Herbal Medicine: Year 1 

September 2018 – July 2019

In year one of this comprehensive herbal study program, basic materia medica and formulas will be covered, with emphasis on real life clinical case approach and patient centered perspective.  Single herbs and formulas are taught together in a new integrated system that moves emphasis from memorization and theory to clinical application with attention to deepening diagnostic skills and pattern discrimination.  Enrollment is limited and class size will be small in order to encourage class discussion, questions, and a mentorship style education.

Course Includes:

  • In depth study of Chinese materia medica and formulas
  • Effective herb combinations and formula design
  • Emphasis on diagnostic skills and real clinical case application of herbal knowledge
  • Understand how to work with herbs in conjunction with Western treatment approaches



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